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Hello Lovely People:

I just want to share a herbal and natural way to bring back that glow and pH balance to your face. Yes it is all natural and probably you have all the ingredients you need in your pantry or refrigerator: It is this acidic smelling Apple Cider Vinegar…Umm i was bored while i was studying for my exams so i decided to apply something on my face to feel refreshed. I decided to try apple cider vinegar with green tea. I had my tea sitting on the kitchen counter ,  i always keep a pot of tea ready to sip for the entire day ( no sugar just bland tea – i like green tea with peppermint flavour).

I have read about ACV used as toner to get rid of acne or get natural glow back. Anywhos Steps are very simple…

If your skin is sensitive, dilute one table spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar with Tblsp of Water or Green Tea ( antioxidants for your face) and use cotton Pads  to dap diluted solution on your face.

My boo  boo: I did not dilute ACV the first time so i got bit redness when i dabbed it on my face but redness disappeared in 5 minutes and where the redness was my skin became dry and peely( i think my skin is recovering!!!). And for that acidic smell, to be honest it disappeared as soon as ACV dried up… seems pretty Volatile…

How i feel: my face is feeling cool and refreshed…I think i will try this for a week and see the results :) probably might leave a comment down below after 7 days

Cheers everyone… Stay Healthy

Re: Lush Lush For Christmas

Hello Friends:

As in my previous blog i had mentioned items i bought from Lush. I am just going to review them now.

Twilight Shower Gel (500 mL $27.95 + tax): i adore this product as lavender is my favorite fragrance of all time. When i used it the first time i felt it was very liquidy for being a shower gel but then i thought the ingredients in this product are all natural and that is what contributes to liquidness. Little amount goes long way. Its fragrance is amazing. Lavender is used in medicine to cure insomnia, depression and restlessness.

Conditioner: Happy Happy Joy Joy: 100ml for $12.95: I know it is expensive but worth every penny. My hair definitely feel soft and for sure smells great. The almond milk base is really good for your hair. My mother since i was little makes me eat soaked almonds empty stomach, every morning. To date  i eat them, apparently they are good for your health. And so is this conditioner! the rose fragrance is amazing…My whole bathroom smells wonderful…This conditioner is great for hair that are treated with color and other chemicals…Its like spa treatment for your hair!!!

Big Shampoo $26.95:  Awesome shampoo, it has sea salt and when you use it on your hair, it feels like scrub for your scalp. I just love this product. It amazes me small amount of the product scooped out lathers so well. This shampoo is meant to give volume to your thin hair and yes thats what it does. I had got my hair permanent hair-treatment, which worked really well but i was feeling my hair had lost volume but this shampoo has brought back that healthy look to my hair.

Dreamwash Shower Smoothie ($22.95): all i can think of when i use this is of ROSE ROSE!!!! So mild & gentle on your skin. I used this at night in the shower before i went to bed.  OMG!!! The fragrance captivated me!!!! My skin was smooth and very hydrating!!! I did not have to moisturize my skin after shower as the product is very moisturizing on its own. Once i get used to it i might use it in the morning too…But at this point i like my morning ritual of using shower gel and using body cream…

My Favourite:

Hair Treatment: Snake Oil Scalp Treatment ($8.95): This bar is life saver. My scalp gets itchy when i do not wash my hair everyday and i do not like to treat my hair with shampoo. Just does not sound healthy…This way i am making my hair so prone to chemical dependency…Sales Associate showed me this bar and yes it is very cooling to your scalp. It has peppermint which gives cooling effect and tea tree oil is i think what is helping my itchy scalp. I just rub the bar in my hand and then massage my scalp.  I leave this for 30 minutes or even overnight. There is not correlation between time you leave it in your hair for and the result it gives you. But overall i am seeing the difference. My scalp is less itchy and flaky. FYI: I did not wash my hair for four days and still no flakiness :) Thank you lush for providing me with this natural product for my scalp.

Tarte Carried Away Collector Set

Hello Lovely People:

I am so excited to share good stuff and leaving the bad news for the end…well lets roll!!!!

I went and bought Tarte’s Carried Away with Tarte Collector Set and before I had set my mind on it, I thought it was just an eye shadow palette. But guess i was lucky today, it had eyeshadow palette, lip glosses, Adventurous Blush; which I loved when I swatched it, mascara and powder and off course blush brush. :)

I went home and labelled the eyeshadow palette, if by any chance I miss place the eyeshadow protector leaf or whatever you call it…

So the bad news :(
When I was reading the back of the packaging I was shocked to read it is MADE IN CHINA…nothing bad about providing employment or improving other countries economic status but I always want stuff that is either made in the US or in Canada. And the fact how Tarte is environmental friendly, I thought it would be made locally as in the US or in Canada.

I will be thinking twice before I buy anything from Tarte. I do love their products but i prefer something made in US or Canada. This is the same reason I rarely shop at Lululemon…I used to love their stuff when it was made in Canada but unfortunately since they outsourced to China their stuff stinks, again high markup and that is why their stock price is so high…Investors are loving the profit the company makes ;and in return Investors are earning High Returns: More money in their pockets or bank accounts…Greed of Business World Stinks!!!!
Enough of accounting stuff…

ALERT: I will be reading labels more carefully before I buy

Upcoming: pending review of lush and Tarte Collector set with pictures :)

Sigma Brushes in Canada

Hello friends:

Today i am going to tell you how excited i was when i got my sigma brushes shipped to me from Toronto and i did not want to pay  duty charges. I am so grateful to to provide services to us Canadians. I wanted an affordable substitute for MAC brushes (i can only afford so many mac brushes, Sigma is an affordable option). I googled ways to get Sigma Brushes in Canada and FTB showed up in my search option. I emailed Sigma to verify if FTB is authentic seller of Sigma Brushes and the reply was positive!!!! See the dilemma is i could order from E-Bay but i worry about authenticity of brushes. I had bought mac blushes on E-Bay and they were FAKE!!! Thats what scares me. I rather pay some extra cash to get something authentic than loose entire money on fake products (probably i will do a video on fake products to give you guys an idea how smartly the packaging was forged and made it look real)

So far i have ordered twice from FTB Beauty and OMG the service is excellent. If you order above $130 you get free shipping and the best part is the package is at your doorstep in less than five days excluding weekends. Another best part is my order was shipped the same day i placed the order, as i was checking the status of my order often. I live on the west coast and standard shipping from east coast can take 7days to 14 days but  with FTB beauty it took only 4 days. AWESOME!!!!!

NOW LETS talk about the brushes:  i have used duo fibre brushes (good applicators for blushes and foundation)and eye shadow shading brush and the blending brushes and i have to say i am in love with them.

I was struggling with my brushes from Sephora. There brushes are average i don’t think i will ever buy from Sephora as the price is matchable to that of MAC but  then they do not make me happy when i apply my makeup. Sigma on the other hand brought smile to my face. It only used little amount of the product and the outcome was outstanding.

In my first order from FTB Beauty i ordered: Premium kit and face duo brushes. I was in love with them and was wanting second set of brushes just as an emergency kit.

Second time around i ordered individual brushes as in the premium kit there were few brushes i really did not want and re-ordering my previous order will be waste of money. I ordered 2 contour brushes, 2 tapered blending brushes, 2 elf powder brushes, 1 angled blush brush and 2 blending brushes.  If you guys are wondering why two of each, is 2 my lucky number??? Well…Its human tendency to think two’s of everything is good: second can replace the First…just like how second wife/GF replaces the first….or New replaces the Old!

here are few of the upload on the brushes collection

Duo Fibre Brushes -Face kit

Elf Powder Brushes

Second Order included all the brushes excluding one on the left

Premium Brushes

Lush Lush for Christmas!!!!!

Hello Friends,
I am back and ready to blog…I will try to review something on weekly basis as i can only afford so much of time online

So for this week it is my splurge on Lush products. I was determined that this time around i will get just two products that i really needed.  It was there Caca Noir Henna Hair Color and snake oil hair treatment “. But I am just being me and bought a shampoo, conditioner, shower smoothie, and shower gel…

Thanks to associates  at Lush store at Robson made my experience therapeutic and lighten my wallet. Definitely a good place to visit…

O well! i will consider this as my christmas gift to myself. And for my experience with these products you have to be patient, i will review shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner in couple of day after seeing the results.

In terms of price…UMMM!!!! not as affordable as Body and Bathworks (You have to get there coconut lime shower gel, whosoever smells it on me has asked me what perfume i am wearing)

Back to these products: Limited edition: Twilight Shower Gel and this product also has shimmer after few uses shake the bottle to get that shimmery stuff lather on your skin

But for now i need my beauty sleep.

Stay healthy


Stay put!!!!!

Obsession for Nars

Ok Fellas!

Hope you are all in high spirits like I. It was a beautiful day and did enjoy the sun; now that i am done with one course till july 11.
Anyways today i went to Sephora to get STILA cream blush; unfortunately that location (METRO-TOWN) does not carry STILA. They are brining it this fall (“Company’s Decision”, I was told”). So i browsed around and pick product and took time to think and that surely took long ( i really take long to try stuff: go back and forth to see color difference (how much different), Price comparison and prefer no assistance from any associate because they would seriously say, “oh that just looks very pretty on you” to anything i try.
Finally a point came where i knew i want to get NARS blushes (Got two colors torrid and madly) but i am human and am tempted to get more… and also the purpose of the trip was to get STILA’s cream blush so i decided to try some similar products -urban decay (i found their colors very boring) so i decided on getting Too Faced –
“prim and poppy” (orangish peachy) and “Sweet Pea” nothing like green but yeah very mangenta-ish; little will go long way. I thought to myself why i did not see Sephora blushes as sometimes you need cheap alternatives to Nars, so i got two Sephora colors, peche tendre n4 and coraile frisson n5 ( this reminds me of Nars orgasm)
I am happy with with my purchases(though all blushes) and soon i am going to add Gilda and Gina to my collection or maybe Nars multiple sticks…i have yet to decide….

When i was standing in line approaching the cashiers desk, Sephora has effective/ sales making actic of putting small samples of products they carry. So i bought benefit’s mini pack of tint, highlighter and cheek stain ( so many raves on this product, could not resist)

I will keep you posted on my next spree stay tuned!!! it could be different from cosmetics or could be just makeup.

Hi Fellas:
I am so excited to write on my blog though i am not good of a writer but i like to get thoughts on a page. I like to get readers help me improve my writing skills.
So this summer i am going through the compulsion of buying lipgloss and lipsticks. While i usually shop at Sephora i realized i was really spend tons n tons on high-end brands so someone told me to even try drugstroe brands that give you same look but for cheaper deal. So i just decided that for lipsticks and nail lacquer i can stick to few drugstore brands like revlon and loreal as few people can vouch for those products from their usage history.
I decided to get after spending an hour or so swatching few testers and only got those products that did have tester. So for now i got Loreal (and i loved the application), few tarte’s, few sephora glosses & lipsticks, Clarins, and Elizabeth Arden.

In terms of rating Loreal does as good a job as Sephora Lipsticks. Clarins feels so smooth on lips and so does Elizabeth Arden. I did not like lipglosses i got from sephora (actually they were 5 bucks each). Tarte beats all these and i am sure they will last so long (i did not like matte finish in tarte “hope” but loved the other two “Peaceful and amused”).

I am going for another spree on monday but for AVON products and will keep you posted…

From left to right : Loreal (Stone Crystal -339) Clarins (pink sugar), Loreal (Dune- 240), Sephora (glamour g19), Sephora(star s02), Elizabeth Arden (melon)

Out of temptation i bought these glosses as they were on sale 5 bucks each…

I loved how these sephora liglosses left stain while i was swatching, so i decided to buy them

I do not think anyone can beat Tarte products: i own their eye palette, Primer, check stains, mascara, lipsurgence. these products feel very light after application.

Tarte glosses, Cinique chubby stick in melon and graped up, clinique lipstick pink spice, mac spf15 lip conditioner in fuchsia fix and loreal lipgloss strawberry smoothies (nothing strawberry about it-it is more on nude tinge)

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